Click Fraud Monitor (CFM) for WordPress

Protect Your AdSense Account From Being Banned!
Monitor and Protect all Advertisements on your Website.

Minimize the risk of being banned and excluded from your Adsense account due to malicious third-party clicks on advertisements on your website. Works with other ad publishers as well – not limited to AdSense.

Click on the Amazon ad below to understand how Adsense Click Fraud Monitor works:

Click on this demo AdSense advertisement and see it disappearing immediately:
Click on it once, and your IP gets blocked. You’ll see the ad disappearing in real time without reloading the complete page. That’s an Amazon ad with a removed affiliate referrer only for demonstration purposes. So we don’t earn anything from your click.
If you do not see any advertisement here, your IP is already blocked.
All blocked IP addresses will be deleted daily at 00:00:00 UTC so you can try again.
 by Alaa
Great Support. Thank You Rene

I had an issue with jQuery not loading on my site. Rene jumped in and solved this problem for me very quickly. Thanks again.

 by Steven

Great tool. Nice and reactive support. Five stars!

New: Version 2.2.0

  • New: Compatible with WordPress 6.4.2
  • New: Option to block current logged-in admin user to prevent accidental clicks

Complete changelog

Compatible with the latest WordPress version!

Why do I need to monitor click fraud?

  • Prevent malicious clicks by bots on your Ads
  • Prevent malicious clicks by a human user on your Ads
  • Prevent clicks by friends on your Ads who want to “help” you.
  • Prevent unintended clicks with your own
  • Block your IP
  • Use a custom name for your ad-block class
  • Blocks a comma-separated list of specific IPs, including the detection of your IP
  • Export all clicks to CSV
  • Export all blocked IP addresses to CSV
  • E-Mail notification for malicious activity on your site


  • Disable Ads when a user clicks multiple times on them
  • The user will be banned and blocked for further clicks
  • Manual blocking by entering a list of several IP addresses
  • Automatic Unblocking of IP addresses
  • Support for third-party caches like W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, WP Super Cache
  • See the URL and path of clicked ads.
  • Statistics and analytics: See all clicks on your ads, sortable by IP, URL, and Time
  • Works, even without reloading the page
  • Works with every Theme
  • E-Mail notification for the blocked user
  • Activating and disabling all Ads with one click
  • Use it in content, sidebars, and widget sections.
  • Simple installation and setup
  • No garbage left: Removes all plugin tables and settings in the WP database when uninstalled
  • Service and support by the author
  • Periodic updates and improvements.

…and the last but most important:

  • It protects your AdSense Account from getting banned

How does it work?

The Plugin counts all clicks on your Ads. When the clicks exceed a specified number it will be deactivated and hidden. The clicking user or bot will be blocked on an IP basis for further clicks. At the same time, the plugin sends you a notification by email.

Why would Google ban me?

In easy words: Google cares that a real human visitor does every click on any AdSense advertising. Automatic clicks by crawl bots or a lot of automated or manual processed clicks (a so-called Clickbomb) can lead to a complete and permanent exclusion from the Google AdSense service. All your earnings are lost, and getting back access to your account is very hard. (In most cases, impossible)
The motivation behind such automatic clicks is very different. Maybe some competitor wants to harm you, or technical leads to multiple clicks by a human user. They all have in common that you as the AdSense account owner, are responsible for any click fraud. You recognize unusual clicks when your page CTR averages 1 – 3 % and then jumps to 5, 10, or even more.

This is where the “Click Fraud Monitor” comes in…for prevention!

 by Alaa
Great Support. Thank You Rene

I had an issue with jQuery not loading on my site. Rene jumped in and solved this problem for me very quickly. Thanks again.

 by Steven

Great tool. Nice and reactive support. Five stars!

 by Abbas

This plugin works nice and does not require much setup.

 by Marcin

Thanks for your work René and for assisting me with the issue I had. Great plugin, I will recommend it to all my friends.



Settings Screen
Detect non AdSense Elements

Wrap a div around your ad


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the use of the plugin against the Terms of Service (ToS) of Google AdSense, is the ad code modified?

  • No, it´s not against the terms. The AdSense source code is not changed in any case.

2. How does the plugin count the clicks?

  • The plugin detects clicks on AdSense ads and counts them internally in the database. If clicks exceed the maximum allowed ones it hides the < ins> tag of the AdSense tag via js and CSS. Google explicitly stated that It’s allowed to hide the < ins> tag of AdSense via CSS if you are using the universal responsive analytics code which is loaded asynchronously. Do not use the plugin if you are using the old class code.

3. Does it work on WordPress MU (Multisites)

  • Not tested yet. Please let me know if you have any issues or if you test it successfully.

4. Does it work with YOAST SEO

  • Yes

5. Does it work with installation on localhost?

  • If you are testing on a localhost environment make sure that you are running your site on If you are using http://localhost the plugin is not able to block your access for testing purposes.

6. Is there a 100% guarantee that this plugin prevents you from the exclusion of your AdSense Account?

  • Due to the possible technical eventualities like rotating IP addresses, there is no 100% safety. But this plugin helps you are a lot to minimize the risk to be banned because of any malicious clicks.
    It´s developed regularly to cover as many eventualities as possible.

7. Does it work with WordPress Quick AdSense and WP QUADS Plugin?

  • Yes, it’s working with every available AdSense plugin. Other supported plugins are Advanced Ads or the official Google AdSense plugin

8. Does it work in sidebars and widgets?

  • Yes

9. Does it work with alternative ad vendors or only with AdSense?

  • It´s working with other pay per click ad vendor. It´s not focused on AdSense


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Click Fraud Monitor CFM
Average rating:  
 26 reviews
 by Alaa
Great Support. Thank You Rene

I had an issue with jQuery not loading on my site. Rene jumped in and solved this problem for me very quickly. Thanks again.

 by Steven

Great tool. Nice and reactive support. Five stars!

 by Abbas

This plugin works nice and does not require much setup.

 by Marcin

Thanks for your work René and for assisting me with the issue I had. Great plugin, I will recommend it to all my friends.

 by Sascha

I highly recommend the plugin to every Google Adsense user

 by Arshish

Thanks for your work

 by Jason Schmitz
Awesome Support! Great working tool

 by Monu Singh
Amazing Plugin

Thank You For This Amazing Plugin. Its Works Fine 👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

 by Mohammad
Works as intended

Thank you for the great product. I use it on all my websites.

 by Mike Williamson
I love this plugin

Easy to install and very simple to use. Fire and forget. The clickfraud Monitoring Plugin is working very well.

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210 thoughts on “Click Fraud Monitor (CFM) for WordPress

      1. clickfraudadmin Post author

        Yes, but you have to use a custom class name for the plugin which corelates to the class names google is using for their ad code. Let me know your website and i will check the custom class name for you.

          1. clickfraudadmin Post author

            Hello please write me to admin [at] and tell me your mail address you purchased from.
            Please also let me know name of your website and which plugin you are using for embedding ads

    1. scotti

      Click Fraud Monitor 2.0.5
      Next time IP addresses will be automatically unblocked: January 1, 1970 01:00:00

  1. Appledystopia

    Future features wish list:

    1. Threshold for daily attacks — at this limit, turn off all ads and email admin.

    2. Auto-generate abuse emails. These need to include the following:
    Date of Incident
    Time of Incident
    Time Zone that logs are captured in
    Source IP Address or Host Name
    Destination IP Address or Host Name
    Destination Port

    3. Configurable message displayed when ads disappear. This will notify attackers that they are being logged. Of course, the user should be careful with the wording, as some people may actually click on a few ads. Don’t want to be a total d–k…

    1. Appledystopia

      I was probably wrong in sending out the abuse emails. It’s not a big deal — ISPs don’t take it seriously. It’s a waste of time. But I realized that most click fraud is not from actual users, but malware. Most of the people don’t even realize this is happening. Of course, there are malicious users who will click-bomb a site, and this plugin prevents it. So maybe a feature to send an abuse email isn’t useful, unless it’s clearly someone coming from the same ISP, renewing their IP address. That said, what are the ISPs going to do? They want their monthly subscription fee. They don’t care if someone is maliciously clicking on ads. It’s not in their interest.

      I gotta say, I love this plugin. Looking forward to the update! I’ll be buying the pro version in January.

      By the way — other users out there: what do you feel is a normal amount of banned IPs? My site gets 2,000 – 4,000 page views per day. I get about 3-6 banned IPs per 1000 page views. Does this sound about right?

      When I was using CloudFlare, I realized how much malware/bot attacks are out there. That’s another good resource for people using WP or anything else. CloudFlare is an enhanced DNS service that does high performance caching and protects your site from attacks. Of course, I moved off my slow host and moved to WPEngine. They have their own caching and security, which is top notch. It’s not cheap, but you get what you pay for. I can’t say enough about how awesome WPEngine is!

      Regardless of your host or what other security features you use, this plugin is just a no-brainer. It really relieves me of a lot of worry.

  2. aaron

    Hi, does the ban get lifted on its own after the period specified in the number of days? Also, when you click delete, from the table of banned users, does it delete the user from the site, or just the ban?

    Thanks for an awesome plugin, too!

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      Hi the deletetion only deletes the ban, not the user from accessing your page. The Ban will not be removed until you do it manually. There will be a function in the premium version that is able to remove automatically a ban after a defined rule.

        1. clickfraudadmin Post author

          Hi Dan,

          its currently not implemented. But its coming with the next update.


  3. Appledystopia

    One thing I just found out — one has to be careful about the cfmonitor div. It could inherit width from the stylesheet, making the div much wider than the ad. If that’s the case, people could accidentally click (or more likely tap with a mobile device), outside the ad and have the ad disappear. On a smart phone or tablet, it’s much more likely to happen. I just fixed it on my site. Use the “Inspect Element” feature in a browser such as Chrome to test this. When you hover over the cfmonitor element, it will show you the area. If it’s too big, you need to explicitly set the width and height.

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      The width of the div you use is inheritate by the parent div, so it should be no real issue.

  4. Brian

    When this plugin blocks my sidebar widget (Quick Adsense) it messes up my theme and pushes all widgets into the footer while displaying them as text. Any ideas?

  5. Mike

    Hi, many thanks for a great plugin. How I have noticed clicks over the set limit, in one case up to 15 clicks from one IP. I am using the new google ad type “asynchronous”. Could this be the problem?

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      Hi Mike,

      unortunately there is no 100% secure way to prevent all malicious clicks. There are some special cases where a attacker is still be able to click on your ads. I will integrate some new feature to prevent that in the next version.

  6. Ciprian

    A small website can have a limited number of visitors therefore blocking all those who click 2 times your ads will eventually block most of your visitors and that’s not exactly cool A visitor should be able to click your ads more than 2 times in a period of time.
    Don’t get me wrong, your plugin is great and I use it but you really need to add something like:
    – Ban IP for 7 days if more than 2 clicks within 24 hours are made from that IP – or something like that.
    Yes, make it premium and I will gladly buy it. Btw, what are the exactly benefits of premium at hits point? except email reports, don’t really need that as I already have 55 pages with blocked IP’s and I’m using this plugin for about 2 weeks.


    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      With the premium version you get some additional statistic features, like ALL clicks on your ads and the corresponding page. I also implement a automatic unblock function in the premium version within the next week. I also consider to implement the mentioned suggestion asap. Thanks for that.

      Cheers, René

      1. Ciprian

        That’s great news and thanks for answering.
        But I had a problem:
        While browsing the list with blocked IP’s and banning those nasty ones(one of them clicked my ads for over 500 times!!), at some point all ads from my website disappear and then I see my own IP as blocked with 7 clicks. WTH!? I checked and double checked and then triple checked, it was my IP and I had to manually unlock it. I’m using Adsense for some years now and I know the rules, I never click on my own ads.


  7. Tom

    I used a plugin like this in the past, but the publisher never continued to update the plugin. Will you do so? I have at least 10+ sites I’d like to try it on soon.

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      Hi Tom,

      as you see i am giving a quick and periodically support for the plugin. I am also updating the plugin on a regular basis and improve it with suggestions which are given by my customers.
      Can you tell me the plugin you used in the past? So i could have a look at it. Maybe there are useful function i could integrate.

      Cheers, René

  8. Tolis

    Hello Rene,

    I want ask you if your plugin works with ”W3 Total Cache” plugin or no and why? Thank you.

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      Hi, the plugin is working with W3 Total Cache as long as the regular ajax.php is not affected by the use of the plugin. Just try it out, and if you recognize any issues, i will create a fix for it.

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      Hello Haroon,

      Because of the technical limitations of client server systems, HTML and javascript its still possible to generate clicks when someone is well skilled in this technics. (Because of obvious reasons i will not explain the technical steps.) There is no 100% safety we can only “reduce” the amount of malicious clicks on the ads to a minimum. I will integrate a new special function for the premium plugin in the next days, that could also reduce some of your noticed clicks. But this function is only available for dedicated server or for small websites with not too many visitors, because it generates a LOT of database requests every few seconds which could lead your provider to block access to your site when your are running on very small host.

  9. haroonaejaz

    I have a suggestion for you. Make a mobile lite of this plug in so that we can check it from mobile while in a go.

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      I will look over the code to make it more responsive for mobile visiting. Thanks for your suggestion.

  10. Gaspare

    Hi, thank you for plugin, i bought premium version. I have also a suggestion.
    The suggestion is to hide adsense script code (not just html container) when admin choose (by IP) to hide himself the ads.
    So, also admin impressions will not be more generated.

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author


      > The suggestion is to hide adsense script code (not just html container) when admin choose (by IP) to hide himself the ads.
      > So, also admin impressions will not be more generated.

      If you put the entire AdSense script code including the javascript tags, it should be removed entirely, so no impressions are generated.


  11. James Avery

    I just purchased the plug in for my site and everything works great, and the support was one of the best iv experienced. prompt and on time with everything. if you have Adsense and you dont have protection than i suggest you do so because their are a lot of haters out there that dont want you to succeed !!

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      Thank you very much James. Was fun to make everything working on your page. Have a nice weekend, mate.

  12. Mubin Momin

    i added the at the start of my ad code and at the end of code… but as soon as i pasted those 2 codes before and after my ads disappeared. Maybe im not formatting correctly. Can anyone show me a sample ad code with the div added before and after please?
    at t

  13. Mubin Momin

    I just need to see a sample code where someone has put the DIV codes correctly please because when im putting it my ads disappear

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      When your ads disappear it means that your ip is already blocked. That is intended behavior. First make sure that there are no banned IP adresses in the plugin section of the plugin. If you write me an email at admin [at] i will help you.

      1. Varun

        How? You know in Google Publisher Plugin we didn’t add Adsense code manually. Also i can’t see any adsense code in their file(I m not a programmer). Then where should i add your clickfrraud shortcode?

  14. Sam

    I am using Wp-minify plugin. Is it work with wp-minify plugin. this plugin makes all plugin on same url.

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      You can exclude the clickfraud scripts from the minifier if it should not work minified, but i also use the minifier and with my themes its working well.

  15. Muhammad Irfan

    hello admin. I have a question. I read a comment in another blog. you can check while plugin is working or not with include the image or text. just add division class and then put image or text link and click on it more then 2 time. after that it will be disappear. Is it right or please tell me how can I check?

  16. Dan

    Do blocked IPs get unblocked after “n days” in free version? In premium? If in premium, then what unblock period is reccommended to not be banned? Thanks.

  17. George

    What about the working of this plugin in mobile browser ? Adsense bombing guys will always have an option to open 3 ads in new tabs if we are displaying 3 ads in a page.

    Another question what if the bomber is using VPN service and switches his ip ?

  18. Dan

    Hi! Thanks for your work! But there’s a problem – in ‘Blocked user’ list I can see users with 5 or 9 clicks, whereas Click Limit is set to 2 during 7 days. Why is that? I tried to simulate multiple clicks by rapidly clicking that ‘protected’ area but got blocked after 2nd click.

  19. NLMan

    How i can add a few custom class for the monitored? E.g.: “myads” “myads2” “myads3” …

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      You can only use one class for all ads. So you have to use a common class for all. As a workaround you can use more than one class for your ads, e.g.:

      div class=”myads1 cfmonitor”>ADS1 div
      div class=”myads2 cfmonitor”>ADS2 div
      div class=”myads3 cfmonitor”>ADS3 div

      This will work.

      Regards, René

  20. Aleks

    Question, does your plugin slower loading pages in the browser?
    Google monitors the rotational speed download site. Thank you.

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      It should not affect the loading performance of your site, but i will check it.

  21. Camargo

    Hi, can you update the plugin for the wp 3.91 or wp latest version? i believe that the plugin fail sometimes under the wp-admin control panel.


  22. David Boon


    May i know if it works with Official Google Adsense plugin for wordpress ?

  23. Ariel

    Hello. as I can control or disable the sending of mail?

    post receipt plugin too want to disable this option for sending mail.

    How it is possible?

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      We are working on a new version. This should be released in a few days

  24. Drey B

    hello im having some issues when i insert the code into the homepage it isnt working my wordpress theme uses an advertising section on the theme options and when i place it adsense click fraud doesnt seem to work

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author


      which adsense plugin you are using? If you like to tell us your website we can help you more.

  25. Errol

    Do you have any intensions of making this plug-in compatible with websites that don’t use WordPress? For example, my website is a php website that does not use WordPress. Could your plug-in be installed on a php website that does not use WordPress?

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author


      unfortunately this is only working with wordpress sites at the moment.

  26. Bright Verge

    I see a lot of people complaining about getting booted out of Adsense, and some wondering if it’s common practice. Google wants partners for a long time and if you are trying to stay within the guidelines you shouldn’t have a problem. If you do get banned by Adsense, it is worth appealing. If you’re not screwing about, you can get your account reinstated and funds returned. Just don’t do anything stupid. 🙂

  27. dunkhee

    I like how this plugin works. I think if you can include blocking depending on cookies too it would be better. IP can be easily rotated. I have almost unlimited IP addresses. Out of 100 modem reset, none of them have similar IP. So using only IP as blocking measure can be easily get around if someone really want to do harm to your site. I think even using both cookies and IP is not fool proof.

  28. Bernardo Campos

    Hello, I installed the plugin on my website, and he blocked the ip of the server, so the ad is not displayed. What can I do to fix this?

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      Hi Bernardo,

      are you using any proxy or cdn like cloudflare? Make sure that your cdn is configured to use the X-Forwarded-For Header.

      You should ask your provider for support regarding this.

  29. Kelly

    Please, make blogspot version. Since blogspot don’t have DB you can create some service and we ready to pay you some money amount per month.

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      Thanks for the suggestion. We are already working on such a service but it needs some time until finishing.

  30. Jhix

    Hello rene,

    why I cant see your plugin on wordpress of July 5 2015..

    Thank you..

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      The free plugin will be rewritten completely. For now only the premium one is available


    this plugin has been removed from WordPress repository… i needed it @ my site… I guess google found this plugin out to go against their terms..

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      The reason why it has been removed from wordpress is the requirement to rewrite the free version. When this is done we will release it probably wordpress again.

  32. Clark

    I need the flexibility of having my ad codes inserted via the plugin itself as with say wp-insert. Does your plugin have this option or do I need to manually inject the adcode wrapped in the div manually into my wordpress theme?

  33. Clark

    Will the div code work if it applied to adcodes that sit outside the wordpress architecture. So if I have a page that is not a wordpress page would i be able to add the div code on ads on that page?

  34. Clark

    Im currently testing out the free version and using the default settings of 2 in 7 however Im seeing in the blocked users where some visitors have clicked 100+ times. How is this possible if they are only allowed 2 clicks in 7 days?

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      There are technical limitations, so it is not possible to block 100% of all invalid ip´s without additional resource and performance hungry operations.
      On some circumstances its still possible to generate clicks when someone is skilled in html and js. There is no 100% safety we only reduce the amount of malicious clicks on the ads. Some people will be able to pass through the click fraud plugin!
      I will integrate some new function in the near future to better solve this. At the moment it is is not possible to block ALL invalid clicks.

  35. Samy

    is it compatible with adsense ?

    i mean .. are you sure adsense will not ban accounts for using additional code with adsense code ?

  36. Arun

    Hello, I like your plugin. Do you guys have any youtube demo video ?
    also, how often you update your plugin ?

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      Unlimited sites means you can use the plugin on all sites that belongs directly to you.

      You are not provided to make the plugin public available for third parties nor we will not give any support for this

  37. Md. Abbas Ali

    hello. I have a question. I read a comment in another site. u can check while plugin is working or not with include the image or text. just add division class and then put image or text link and click on it more then two time. after that it will be disappear. Is it r8 or please tell me how can I check???

  38. LUis

    Hello greetings..

    You must use the DIV for the plugin functions and do their work? or only you need to be configured without the DIV?

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author


      its essential that there is an class with a specific element around the ads. This can be an inline span element or div.

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      No, its only for WordPress sites but i am working on a webservice for this.

  39. raj kumar

    I want to purchase this plugin.
    But will it work on tor Ips. Can it block tor ips if use them in a bot which clicks ads automatically. Or on proxy list.
    For how much time plugin is valid? Any money back guarantee

      1. raj kumar

        Thanks for your reply. I used demo version and it blocked almost 60 tor IP’s in a day. But iam unable to use next day, it is not working.

        Is there any problem with class, why it varies according to site. Can I use default class name

        Please give me solution so it helps in buying it

        1. clickfraudadmin Post author

          The plugin it self is indeed working with IP adresses from TOR network BUT such IP addresses are changing every time someone visits your website so you get no 100% reliability. I am working on a new version which allows you to decide that only people with enabled cookies will see you ads. Most bots do not accept cookies, so this is a very good way to deliver ads only to qualified visitors and real humans.

  40. Jeff

    It is Compatible with WordPress version 4.4.1? I tried the demo but I couldn’t use the admin panel

  41. Moha

    Hello ,
    i need to use CFM plugin it’s very important to me
    but please tell me can i use it without that file wp-admin/admin-ajax.php
    because of the high load on my dedicated server however the strong cpu and 64GB ram .
    thanks very much .

  42. Faiz Khan

    This Premium Plugin Is Awesome Thanks , Whoever made it Many Many Thanks No Word For You Thanks again.

  43. Moha

    Hello , i have a previous comment with no reply from you .
    can i purchase another version which depend on databases or external .php file to store the IPs ?
    because the plugin use “wp-admin/admin-ajax.php” which cause a very high load on cpu .
    i have a good dedicated server but i cannot avoid the load when when i get +5000 online user at the moment because of that file.
    ” i do not use any caching plugins ”
    thanks very much .

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      Without admin-ajax, its not possible to use it but i could create a custom feature which blocks user by cookies and not ip address. So we do not need a database entry and can disable admin-ajax.php

      Write me a mail for a custom offer via contact form:

      Btw. i already send you a mail to the mail address from the comment, so please check your spam folder.

      1. Moha

        thanks for your replay , i’m already have an efficient code working by cookies but i need to save the IPs , it’s very important to me , i think any body have +3000 online user will face the same cpu load . is there any way to solve it please ?

        1. clickfraudadmin Post author

          If you are using memcached or redis it would be possible to develope a hit collecting script which only calls the memory instead the database but this is a highly custom script which can not be made in 2 hours.

  44. elizabeth villamizar

    Buenos Días!!

    Estoy utilizando este plugin con google adsense pero cuando coloco la url del sitio que quiero verificar me sale este anuncio:
    No Ads have been found. Check if the class ‘cfmonitor’ can be found in the HTML source of your page. Specify a valid URL for testing.

    Y pues no me está funcionando! Quisiera saber que puede estar pasando si en algún momento me funcionó con el mismo enlace que colocaba.

    Agradezco me puedan colaborar.

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      Hello Elizabeth,

      i can not find any purchase made from your mail address. Please send me a mail with your invoice id and from the mail address you used for purchase to admin [at] and i am glad to answer all your questions.


  45. Bilal khan

    sir ia m using your version 1.8.6
    when i post adsesne code and adsense show i set 1 click per Ip and 1 Day
    when i click ads and after reload adsese disapprea but after 10 mints when i visit site adain adsense again show my Ip should be blocked for 24 Hours but its not block why adsesne show ads after 10 mint again

    this plugin is working pr not?

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author


      can not find any purchase made from your mail address. Please send me a mail with your invoice id and from the mail address you used for purchase to admin [at] and i am glad to answer all your questions.


  46. Bilal khan

    sir can i ask what is main differance between Free and Paid Plugin ?
    because i am using you Free plugin 1.8.6 version and ip is not unblock at 5 cet

    so i want to know if i buy premium then what benefit and extra features i will get ?

    plz reply me in details

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      The differences are mainly security fixes and performance improvements so its highly recommended to use the latest version!

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      The differences are mainly security fixes and performance improvements so its highly recommended to use the latest version!

  47. Ivan Chrys

    I already use the plugin on my WP sites , I wonder , if you have any solution for the blogger ?

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author


      not at the moment. I let you know when there are news regarding this.

  48. Faiz Khan

    As Moha complaint that it eat lots of server resources and same issue happening with my server. We are getting about 700 real time traffic but even when we activate the plugin server load goes 150% and start loading like hell….. Please send us fixed copy of this issue. I have cloud servers with 2 difrent Data centers with good specification

  49. Song Chanmanin

    I want to know price in USD Dollar ($)
    Click-Fraud Monitoring
    1 Site – 49.00€ = $?
    2 -5 Sites – 69.00€ = $?
    Unlimited Sites – 89.00€ = $?

    Thank You

  50. Marcio Oliveira

    Hi Rene

    I have click fraud but is not work very well, so I need upgrade for new version?

    Can you help me please.

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      Hello Marcio,

      i can not find any purchase from your mail address. If you purchase the plugin i will assist you with the configuration.


  51. Khalid

    I uses the free version of this plugin and there is an problem when sit the limit one click for 1 day.
    There is many invalid clicks even with the previous limits above.
    So if you can improve the system of this plugin it will be nice then I will buy the Premium Version.

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author


      the latest premium version is different in many aspects from the old free version. The old free version is not verified to be working well with latest WP version and contains many fixes so its not recommend to use it any longer.

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author


      the plugin is maintained and developed only as a premium version since a long time.
      The free plugin is not offered any longer by me because the free version was not able to cover my cost for development and support.

  52. Rock

    Hello. Please reply to BOTH the questions.

    1: Is the unlimited site version limited to the sites hosted on 1 hosting account/company or it can be with different ones?

    2: And will Google be able to detect and ban our adsense accounts because we are using this plugin?

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      – You can use the unlimited license on all your sites. They are not restricted to the same hosting or server.
      – There is no known user who was banned because of using the plugin. The plugin is following the Google TOS so there should be no problem.

  53. Giovanni

    Is Click Fraud Monitor compatible with ‘Easy plugin for AdSense’ or ‘Google Adsense plugin’ or ‘Ad Injection’ or other plugins to insert adsense ads?

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author


      its compatible with all mentioned plugins. Just use the custom class name “adsbygoogle” in the plugin settings.

  54. Edwin

    Hello, i have a question.. if i buy for 1 domain.. and then i want to buy unlimited next month..

    how much is cost to upgrade it?

    thank you..

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author

      Hello Edwin,

      i will send you a discount code so you only pay for the difference between single and unlimited version.


      1. Giovanni

        I did not understand if the cost for a site is referred to a period of time, or does not have a time limit.

  55. meet

    please reply these question..?

    1 can i use unlimited website package( Unlimited Sites – 89.00€) for 12 wordpress site which has vantage theme..?

    2 this plugin come with unlimited time or limited time..?

    3 this plug-in available free updates and upgrade..?

    4 can i use in side bar widget..?

    5 is it work for any code advertisement ..?

    1. clickfraudadmin Post author


      yes, you can use it on all your 12 sites. The plugin comes with free updates for one year. After that year you can purchase a new license for a discounted price.

      Sidebar ads are supported.

      Its working for most code advertisements but not for all of them and is only tested well with google adsense.

      Hope i was able to answer your questions

  56. kandice fremin

    I think the tool is good but I never received updates, also the support does not even answer?
    I have been waiting for several days for an answer, the author replies here but does not reply emails?

    That is why I am posting here hoping the owner will take care of his already PAID CUSTOMERS!

  57. kris

    Can you please expand on how to integrate adsense with your plugin code correctly.

    I see that you said this “use a different custom class name that correlates to the class names google is using for their code”. Can you give an example of your code wrapped with the correct adsense tags please.

    Like say this is the adsense code, what do you wrap it with to effectively use adsense click fraud management?

    (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});


  58. Antonio Sousa

    I have the 1.9.0 version that bought from you. my version will automatically update or have to buy that version 1.9.3. My version is still the old!

    1. René Hermenau Post author

      Hello Antonio,

      Just create a new account on with your mail address. Than you are able to download the latest plugin version.
      You also find there your license key. After activating the key from the Click Fraud Monitor settings page you get all future updates automatically.


  59. Xom

    Dear friends I want to try before buying them do not get it? Vietnam I am dealing with you in this way ? Transfer Visa is not ?

    1. René Hermenau Post author


      you can pay via credit card with using paypal. If you are not satisfied we return you the money.

  60. Hendry

    I tried to click on your ads demonstration, and the ads disappeared. This is correct as with your description. But, when I tried to click on the same coordinate again (no ads displayed), I was able to click the ads (my cursor became circle). There was no ads but I could click through it. Can you explain? Thank you.

    1. René Hermenau Post author

      Hello`Hendry, what browser are you using? I can not reproduce that behavior under chrome and firefox. Maybe you could create a screencast as well?

  61. Kristina

    oooh man, this plugin is to expensive for people, actually “me” don’t have much money for starting blogging hahaha.

  62. waqar

    Hi, I was wandering if CFM premium is still updated to buy.
    Some people say it violates Google TOS.Is it true?.Please tell real truth because we are only dependent on adsense.Don’t let our adsense blocked.
    Otherwise it is worth buying for features.

    1. René Hermenau Post author

      Hi, latest version of the plugin is fully google TOS conform. It’s only using technics which are allowed by google but you have to make sure that you are using the async google adsense code. This is the recommended adsense code by google so this should be not a problem

  63. Angel Kadreev

    This plugin is awesome, it`s really working and catching invalid clicks.
    Great functions integrated! Do not hesitate to buy, the seller proposes and 100%-Money-Back-Guarantee if you are not satisfied, but believe you will be! I got the full package and I applied all my sites completely legit and exciting to work with Adsense and other ad networks. The support is at top level! Thanks!

  64. George Draew

    On the good things you do not need advertising will not waste my time any of you, but I’m absolutely amazed by the precise working of the script. The best and what I do ogrono impression is that the developer oklikvat extremely fast your claims and difficulties with the script (in General if you have any) Good luck and I hope it continues to multilateralism and never for saving my business!

  65. ivan

    what is the best setting for this plugin? how muck should be click-limit and click during last n days?

  66. hitesh

    Hi rene ,

    I am thinking to Buy The unlimited package cause i got many threats for my site.

    if i set limit to 2 for blocking the user i observed we are able to click many many times on ad, the ad gets disappeared when we refresh the page , Isnt this enough to ban my adsense?

  67. fauzi .

    If I buy the Pro package,

    1. is this all payments for forever! or is there an additional fee?
    2. How is the plugin update? is it automatic?
    3. is able to use the site for my customers?

    1. René Hermenau Post author


      it’s a one time price valid for one year. The plugin is updated automatically
      It depends on the license you purchase on how many sites the plugin can be activated.

  68. Sahil

    This plugin is very useful and very helpful, I judged this after reading some reviews about this and I will be purchasing this in next few days.. You can really protect your adsense account in real time with this plugin..

    Its very nice..

    Regards: Sahil Khan

  69. Muhammad Asad Iqbal

    Hi, Sir i want to know 2 things Before I purchase
    1. The latest version of cfmonitor is compatible with wp version 4.8…???
    2. i have 7 sites but i want to buy cfmonitor PLUS and i want to use this on just 5 site at a time. can i Switch my 5 sites in 7 sites one by one or any time by use this premium plugin. or it can be always use 5 specific or fixed sites..??
    Please reply me urgent bcz i need it urgent..
    thnx in advance..

    1. René Hermenau Post author

      Hello Muhamma,

      the latest version is compatible with WP 4.8.

      You can switch your sites. To do so, just deactivate the plugin on one site and activate it again on another site.

  70. Muhammad Asad Iqbal

    sir i purchased 5 website package on june 29 but today after resetting my account password.
    Now it says “You have not made any purchases
    You have not made any subscription purchases.”
    Please tell me sir what can i do to fix it..

      1. Muhammad Asad Iqbal

        Sir i already sent message to the link you provide but no response.
        and sir when i login i saw these word everytime
        ” You have not made any purchases
        You have not made any subscription purchases. ”
        Please Check my account and resolve it urgent.
        thanks in advance..

        1. René Hermenau Post author

          Interesting – I checked it again. You were using a address in the United Kingdom but you purchased it from Pakistan. Your name also indicates that you are coming from Pakistan.
          beside of that Paypal canceled the transaction because the owner of the paypal account, which you were using claimed that he never authorized the transaction. We also had to pay 15 EUR fee to paypal because of this abuse. That’s the reason why your account was canceled.

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