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Why You Should Use Latest Plugin Version

Important note as we often get the question about whats the difference between the old free Click Fraud Monitor version and the version available on this site.

At first, Yes there is a another version of our plugin available on the internet but you definitely should not install it on any of your website. It was the first version we developed but we decided to stop the continuation of it. If you are already using it, please uninstall it completely and stop the use of it.

I will explain why you should do so:

  • The free plugin is outdated and not maintained any longer by us for more than 2 years.
  • The free available version is version number 1.8.6.
  • The latest version number of the maintained plugin available here on the site is 2.0.0

Main Reason to not use any version lower than 2.0.0:

  • The old version contains a serious security flaw which allows foreign persons to attack and compromise your entire website. We did fix that immediately when we find out about it but the issue is still there in the old version
  • Previous version is NOT Google TOS conform and can lead to a ban of your Google AdSense account! There were some serious Google AdSense changes which were taken into account in latest plugin versions.
  • Previous  does not detect all clicks so you would be faced with multiple clicks that exceeds the maximum click count
  • Previous version is 600% slower than latest version and will increase loading times of your website

So take care that you are updating your plugin to latest one.

If you still have any questions feel free to get in contact with us!


Huge Performance Update for AdSense ClickFraud Plugin


today i have great news for you:

The latest Click Fraud Plugin version 1.9.5 is incredible 600% faster than the previous Version.

We did it with reducing the number of DB calls to a absolute minimum. The entire code base also has been rewritten for more efficiency and for easier extensibility for feature updates.

The latest version also uses a better technology for detecting clicks on your ads so you will only notice in very rare circumstances that the clicks on your ad are able to exceed the maximum setting.

Important Change:

To be fully compliant to Google AdSense TOS you must remove any custom wrapper from your AdSense ads if you are using one.
The plugin detects automatically AdSense ads on your site.

Please also note that we added back the custom class name feature. So you can use other ads as well with Click Fraud Monitor.

Login to your account and download your copy
or use the automatic updater:

Get 20% discount for renewing your old plugin license:

Just send me a mail to ask us for the discount code

If you have any other question just answer to this mail and i will answer to all your requests as soon as possible.




Install Click Fraud Monitor

In order to utilize the Clickfraud Monitor plugin, you’ll need to first download, install, and activate it. The following screenshots are showing Windows 7. If you are using another version of Windows or Apple Mac system the screenshots will slightly differ.

Download the Plugin

  1. After purchase, we send you a mail with a download link to a compressed zip file which is labeled

Optionally you can download the file from your account page.

Apple Safari Users: If you are using this browser it’s a little bit tricky to get the pure zip file because Apple Safari browser extracts zip files immediately after downloading it and instead of downloading a zip file it just extracts it and just opens a folder labeled cfmonitor.

One way to fix that is to use Firefox or Google Chrome to tell Safari  to just download the .zip file and leave it for you to decide what to do:

  1. Open Safari
  2. Click Preferences
  3. Under the General tab, uncheck the option Open “safe” files after downloading

How to Install Clickfraud Monitor

  • Download & save the file first on your computer.
  • Remember the download folder.
  • Do not (double) click on the file and do not open it
  • Do not extract it

To install the plugin, go to
WordPress Live Site > Plugins > Add New > Upload

Click the “Browse” button. Navigate through your folders and select the file from the download location.

Once it’s uploaded, click the “Activate” link.

The last step is to copy the license key from the mail we have sent to you and paste it into the license key form to activate the plugin.

To do so go to  Plugins > Click Fraud Monitor

Where to Download the latest plugin version?

You can download the latest plugin version from your account.

Login first with your mail address and password.
If there is no account with your mail address register a new account first.
Use the same mail address you used while creating the purchase.

After account creation, login and click on View Details and Downloads. There you find  the link to the latest plugin package:



More Clicks Than Allowed

There are technical limitations by the nature of javascript and HTML, so it is not possible to block 100% of all invalid IP addresses on the first request without reloading the website in every case.

In some circumstances, it’s still possible to generate clicks when someone is skilled or when someone is using special proxy servers. Even though we reduce the number of malicious clicks on the ads tremendously some people or bots will still be able to pass through the click fraud plugin. This does not mean in every case that the exceeded click count has been counted by Google.

It’s also possible that you notice more than the maximum clicks on your ads when a second click has been done very quickly and the previous operation has not been finished. Google is detecting such clicks very reliable so you do not need to worry about it. It’s very unlikely that a double click is counted as a malicious click by google because double clicks are often unintentionally done by the user.

Even though it’s not possible to prevent all unwanted clicks the use of the click fraud plugin is highly recommended because it reduces the invalid clicks to a minimum which increases the total quality of your clicks.

It blocks low-quality clicks on your ads and this can increase the Cost per Click Rate (CPC). As a result, your clicks are generating more revenue for every single click additionally to the benefit of reducing the risk of being banned from the AdSense program by excessive invalid clicks.

Where is my license key?

At first login in to your account with the same mail address, you used for purchasing the Clickfraud Monitor plugin. If you can not log in with that mail address register first your account with that same address:


Go to View Licenses:


There you find your license key. Double click on the license key text field. Then open with the right mouse button the context menu and click on copy to copy the license key:


How to upgrade a license to a higher site package?

If you purchased a single or 2-5 sites license you can upgrade your license to a higher package by following the steps below. You only pay the difference of the lower package compared with the price of the higher one. To do so login into your account. Click on View Licenses:


Then click on View Upgrades:


How to remove a domain from activated sites and switch to a new one?

Sometimes you want to move your site from one domain to another and you missed to deactivate your license key on the old domain to be able to activate the same license key on the new domain. In that case, you can deactivate the old domain from your account. Then you are able to activate the new domain from the plugin admin settings screen. To do so login to your account. Then Click on View Licenses:


There you find the link to Manage Sites where you can deactivate the site for a specific license key.

manage-sites   dedactivate-site

When this is done the license key is free again to be used on a new domain.

Is the use of the plugin against the Terms of Service (ToS) of Google AdSense?

  • No, it´s not against the terms. The AdSense source code is not changed in any case.
  • The plugin detects clicks on AdSense ads and counts them internally in the database. If clicks exceed the maximum allowed ones it hides the < ins> tag of the AdSense tag via js and CSS. Google explicitly stated that It’s allowed to hide the < ins> tag of AdSense via CSS if you are using the universal responsive analytics code which is loaded asynchronously.

Techniques to avoid
Here are some techniques you’ll want to avoid:
Hiding ad units at anytime (e.g., display:none), unless you’re implementing a responsive ad unit


Is the AdSense code modified?

No, the AdSense code is not modified at all.

How does the plugin count the clicks?

  • The plugin detects clicks on AdSense ads and counts them internally in the database. If clicks exceed the maximum allowed ones it hides the < ins> tag of the AdSense tag via js and CSS. Google explicitly stated that It’s allowed to hide the < ins> tag of AdSense via CSS if you are using the universal responsive analytics code which is loaded asynchronously. Do not use the plugin if you are using the old class code.

Does it work on WordPress MU (Multisites)

  • Not tested yet. Please let me know if you have any issues or if you test it successfully.

Does it work with YOAST SEO?

  • Yes

Does it work with installation on localhost?

  • If you are testing on a localhost environment make sure that you are running your site on If you are using http://localhost the plugin is not able to block your access for testing purposes.

Is there a 100% guarantee that this plugin prevents you from the exclusion of your AdSense Account?

  • Due to the possible technical eventualities like rotating IP addresses, there is no 100% safety. But this plugin helps you are a lot to minimize the risk to be banned because of any malicious clicks.
    It´s developed on a regular basis to cover as many eventualities as possible.

Does it work with WordPress Quick AdSense and WP QUADS Plugin?

  • Yes, it’s working with every available AdSense plugin. Other supported plugins are Advanced Ads or the official Google AdSense plugin

Does it work in sidebars and widgets?

  • Yes

Does it work with alternative ad vendors or only with AdSense?

  • It´s working with other pay per click ad vendor. It´s not focused on AdSense