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Huge Performance Update for AdSense ClickFraud Plugin


today i have great news for you:

The latest Click Fraud Plugin version 1.9.5 is incredible 600% faster than the previous Version.

We did it with reducing the number of DB calls to a absolute minimum. The entire code base also has been rewritten for more efficiency and for easier extensibility for feature updates.

The latest version also uses a better technology for detecting clicks on your ads so you will only notice in very rare circumstances that the clicks on your ad are able to exceed the maximum setting.

Important Change:

To be fully compliant to Google AdSense TOS you must remove any custom wrapper from your AdSense ads if you are using one.
The plugin detects automatically AdSense ads on your site.

Please also note that we added back the custom class name feature. So you can use other ads as well with Click Fraud Monitor.

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